About Us

Hello everyone,
Our ministry  LIFE EVANGELISM INTERNATIONAL  is an evangelistic organization based in South Africa, bringing true life by evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all levels of society throughout the continent of Africa and beyond!
Our country of origin is:  New Zealand. Currently residing in South Africa

LIFE EVANGELISM INTERNATIONAL is currently based in the city of Pretoria, South Africa and is involved in the following work:
Mass Gospel Crusades
Preaching on television
Conference speaker
Business motivational speaker
Radio broadcasts
Prophetic ministry
Leadership development training
Training evangelists and ministers
Preaching in bible seminaries 
Preaching in schools
Speaker to national rugby teams and players
Short term missions trips into Africa 
Humanitarian aid through  L.E.I  TRUST       
Prison ministry 
Hospital visitation ministry
Feeding homeless people  
Preaching in churches  (cross denominationally)                                    

To get hold of us for bookings, please email:  info@lei.org.za