RUGBY FEVER fire is lit over Centurion


The team of Rugby Fever SA went on the 18th March 2015 to Centurion High School in Pretoria. Those on the team that went and spoke were as follows: Lappies Labuschange (Blue Bulls player), Pierre Schoeman (Blue Bulls player), Andre Volsteedt (Blue Bulls Coach) and Dr Des Sinclair (Spiritual Life Coach).

Fitness and conditioning Coach to the Blue Bulls – Andre Volsteedt went to the main staff room and spoke to all the teachers and coaches on fitness and coaching, while Dr Des Sinclair and both Lappies and Pierre spoke to the teenagers in the outdoor assembly. Both guys and girls were there present and you could hear the absolute ‘RAW’ of excitement from way across at the staff room as the Blue bulls players entered the assembly to speak.

Once again, as all the men were speaking, you could hear a pin drop – the teens were all so focused on the message that the Rugby Fever team brought to them.

After the guys had both finished speaking Dr Des Sinclair came in and rounded up the message, giving a salvation call at the end. We had an super-amazing response from the students of this high school, as at least 90% of the whole high school stood up to give their life over to God and received salvation through Jesus Christ.

We praise God for what he is doing in Centurion through the Rugby Fever SA team, that have all given out so much of themselves, in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

We thank God for each soul that is being saved - and give HIM all the Glory!

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