New Book Out


An amazing lifeline for today’s tough times...

As the world faces economic turmoil and many people experience great personal hardship, it is encouraging to read uplifting accounts of how ordinary people have overcome enormous obstacles and survived.

One such book is: "Life on the Line - by Al Gibson", which tells the extraordinary story of Des & Ros Sinclair and how they have overcome many near death experiences and impossible situations through their simple faith in God.

These include an attempted hi-jacking in South Africa, dodging landmines in Mozambique, a deadly snake bite in Zimbabwe and Des being falsely imprisoned and tortured in Angola. He has also had a gun put to his head, but the trigger misfired!

Originally from New Zealand, the Sinclairs now live in Pretoria where they head up an international outreach, which includes various upliftment projects. Though they have a startling story to tell, their message is clear – “What God has done for us, he will surely do for others!”

“We’re glad to share the many miracles God has done in our lives,” said Des Sinclair, “For when you put your life on the line for God, He will make it a lifeline for others to hold on to. We hope readers will be encouraged to believe God for the impossible!”

Published worldwide by Monarch Books/ Lion Hudson, ‘Life on the Line’ is written by Al Gibson and can be purchased online from It can also be bought online at or at Christian bookshops.

In South Africa it can be ordered from Life Evangelism International at: