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Des Sinclair's biography LIFE ON THE LINE - BY AL GIBSON is now available as an E-Book to download off the internet. Please click on the link above to take you to the online bookshop to download a copy. This is a great outreach and evangelism tool to family and friends. Please support us by downloading a copy. Thank you

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  1. Bruce Smith says:

    “I never knew what my life was truly all about until I read ‘Life On The Line’. I never in my heart believed that God actually was ‘for real’ until I read this book. I never knew that God truly loved me until I read this book. I was deceived by school teachers, muti-media and what the world presented to me about evolution – until I read this book. THIS BOOK IS A LIFE CHANGER and I will never be the same. It challenged me so much that I gave myself to God – because I read this book!”

  2. David de Vlamingh says:

    I just read your book and really felt that the Lord guided me towards it in answer to being so disillusioned with current so-called ‘revivals’ that I have been watching on TV. I know that the God that I serve is so much bigger and more powerful than what is portrayed – reading your book and the accounts of what God did through you blessed me enormously as it clearly indicates that God is all powerful and actively involved with people who are obedient in doing His will. Thank you on behalf of all Christians for being obedient and thank you for being involved in South Africa – we need you!

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