East London Miracle

Dr Des and Roslynn Sinclair went away down to East London (12 hours driving from Pretoria) doing a tent campaign held in a very poor area of town named the Garsha Flats in the area of Cambridge Heights, East London. The local Pastors pitched this tent right outside a huge block of high rising flats, where it is home to many drug lords, prostitutes, mediums and very poor people of all races.

On the 2nd day of the crusade during the day we went through different areas of the flats praying for different people that were sick that couldn’t make it to the tent meetings at night. We went to their homes instead to pray for them in the flats. (These flats also have a high amount of people with Epilepsy , high blood pressure, back problems and addiction to alcohol, smoking and drugs.) Many came forward for prayer in the meetings with these problems. We also had many salvations.

Because of the high amount of Satanism that goes on in the area, there were a lot of people with confusion of mind, depression, suicide, and spiritual oppression. The teenagers from the flats that practice Satanism meet in the very grounds of the flats regularly to do their rituals ( in the drainage tunnels, and high places in the buildings), so we also went and prayed over the various areas of these grounds and buildings and broke all curses made.

The first couple of nights we had a lot of women coming forward, but after the 3rd night we started to have a lot more young people come, especially young men in their early 20’s. God really touched these young men, and as they gave their hearts and lives over to Jesus in receiving salvation, God really touched them where they were at. Many people were slain in the Holy Spirit. Many pregnant young ladies came forward also.

You could really sense a high level of heart ache and pain in this area.

Des also did some ladies groups during the day for several days.We had a tiring, but great time with all the people there in Garsha flats of East London.

On the very last night of the crusade, many people took down different things off their walls that did not represent God (such as African masks, smokes, porno books etc) and brought a pile of stuff to the tent.

On Monday night they had a bonfire and burnt all the goods, representing: “the old has gone, the new has come”.

Praise God!

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  1. Jonathan says:

    good day.i am in need of God to use me i gave up a dark life and i never want to go back. i know God is more than able to do what we ask him but all i want is the holy spirit to use me i want to live for him and him alone i am willing to give up everything i have i just need God to speak to me i know he has something bigger out there for me than just cooking . hoping you get my email kind regards jonathan jennings 0797563262be blessed

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