Freedom from torment

We had a fantastic testimony come through of this old lady of 79 years of age that lives in an old age home that was at one of our meetings in Johannesburg.

Well, as we all set up our sound equipment at the beginning of our meeting, this older lady….…

 (who comes from a very staunch catholic background

 been tormented by demons from over 20 years

 had not had a proper night sleep at night for over 20 years

 never being able to feel the presence of the holy Spirit before

 was a very strong alcoholic

 also having no control over her bladder and kidneys

said that the moment our musician 'Gunther' started to practice singing his songs while setting up....she felt some kind of peaceful presence in the room. Then when Gunther sang and ministered with one of his anointed songs called RAIN, she said she immediately felt something happened and brake spiritually inside of her, and it was like she was free to feel God's presence for the 1st time.

Then after the sermon when Des was ministering and calling people up the front who needed healing, she came forward on her walker and was totally physically healed by God.

That night when she went back to the old age home - they did not have to put nappies on her, as her bladder and kidneys were totally healed. The next 2 days at the old age home, the doctors did tests on her and have proclaimed her to be supernaturally healed by God.

Also, She also slept like a baby for the 1st time in over 20 years without being tormented by demons..........


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  1. Virginia Posthumus says:

    God is absolutely *Amazing*, it is so wonderful to see how He is working through the lives of those who have willing hearts. God Bless you all. In Jesus Name. Amen

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