Indian Priestess walks again

In another area of Durban city, we were doing 7 day crusade in a strong Indian area and experienced a very strong devout Hindu guru priestess come to one of the meetings while being seated in a wheelchair.

That night Des was speaking about EXODUS “having no other idols”.

As Des gave the call for salvation at the end of his message she went forward to receive. Des immediately saw her and went down to talk to her…..

He said – mam, do you really understand what I am saying about having no other idols, that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that he is the one and only true God?

She said to Des “young man, I have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ many times. I have even had many great men of God in the Christian circle come and talk to me, even pray for me, but tonight as you were speaking I felt something spiritual fall from my eyes, and that I could clearly see the truth of the Gospel for the first time, and that Jesus Christ was truly the son of God!”

After saying the sinner’s prayer of salvation with Des , she then had prayer for healing and was anointed with oil.Des then told her………. now walk out of your wheelchair!!

This woman was so determined to walk - that she immediately got up and out, and then pushed the wheelchair away from her so as to give her more space to walk around.

– it was amazing – her zeal ! She walked right across the front of the church and back several times by herself without any help. Both she and her husband were both radically changed that night.!! They both gave their lives to Jesus Christ and making a solemn vow not to worship any other god / idol.

Praise GOD!!

From that night on it was like a spiritual release in that area of the city – as we then experienced a lot of Hindus then coming to the church asking the Pastors for both prayer and salvation. All to the Glory to GOD!!

During this Crusade, we also had demons go, cancer lumps go, kidney stones go, issues of blood go, deaf ears hear, diabetes go, epilepsy go, serious pain in the back and various other sicknesses go also.


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