Jews in Pretoria

We went this year and ministered to a group made up of Jews, and those reaching out to Jews in Pretoria South Africa. WOW – what an awesome experience!

Des spoke to them for two and half hours straight, and they all listened very inventively and open. There were several Jewish rabbi’s there and they all were very excited.

They came up to Des after the meeting to ask him further questions from a Christian perspective and again were very open to what he shared with them. The special thing that took place here in this meeting was that there was one young business guy in his twenties that was there that came up after the meeting and said to Des that he needed to get closer to God and that he believed that Jesus was indeed the Christ - the messiah, and that he wanted to be right with him.

Des told him he must acknowledge Jesus as his lord and savior and must repent of his sin as a sinner.

Now in all this - one of the head rabbi’s was also standing right next to Des when this young man came up and shared his heart with Des, and the rabbi said to the young man: go ahead - do it!


So Des lead him in the sinner’s prayer right in front of his rabbi. – WOW-

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