Miracle in New Zealand

One little girl was born quite deformed, with her hips out of place, her back deformed, in great pain, one leg about an inch longer than the other, she had had many operations, and generally was a poor sight to see. She could not do a lot, as she couldn’t move around very fast because of her hips etc.

She came to church one day as Des was speaking in Auckand, New Zealand, and she decided that she wanted to try and walk up to the front at the alter call, after the word was spoken, by herself. Both her mother & father were both non – church , unbelievers. They had come because of relatives, and as a last resort for their girl also. We both prayed for their girl (about 8 yrs old) and then for their family! They then went home with her, and as they were in their car, the girl kept on saying: “mum I feel good – I do truly – I feel good”! (The parents didn’t think anything of this, and so kept on driving)

When the family got home, the other kids got out of the car and ran off to play, this special one also got herself out of the car and ran off also to play………THIS “got the attention” from the parents….as their little girl in NO WAY could RUN (because of her deformed hips, back etc..). So they called out to her, and got her in the house and checked her out and sat her down to look at her feet etc…. - PRAISE THE LORD - Her feet were both the same right length, Her back was straight, Her hips were even, and in place. Praise GOD!

They then took her down to the hospital to see what the Doctors thought of it all. The Doctors kept her down there in Hospital for about a week to do specific different tests on her, and at the end of that week……..The Doctors had no other explanation for the Parents.

It was written in the Hospital records as: “TRULY THIS IS A MIRACLE AND AN ACT OF GOD”.

She was completely healed!!

This impacted the Parents so much, that they both gave their lives to Jesus, the extended family also, and also their community was very touched and many were saved.

Praise the LORD!

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