Prison Ministry – salvations

LEI had a great time with all the inmates yet again. It is to our delight that we can have the privilege to go in and share with them on such a regular basis. The church here inside Jo-burg men’s prison is really growing big and strong. Every time we visit we can see how much stronger the men are becoming in the word.

This time when we went in, it was a very hot day and everyone sat in the fullness of the sun without shade; yet again we had a good turnout, and much commitment and excitement shown by all the guys.

On this visit we were cut a bit short of time, so the message was fairly short – but even in the midst of strife, God still came through and had his way as we had MANY hands that went up for Salvation. Praise God!

After we finished in the courtyard our team made their way up to the prison hospital where we found many inmates that were very seriously sick, some of which were dying. Many even laying on mattresses in the sun outside.

We prayed for all the guys, and lead more in the sinner’s prayer as further inmates gave their hearts to Jesus. One of which this time was a very staunch Muslim!


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