Booklets and Bibles

It was really great as the team went once more through the prison system in order to reach the guys inside!! One of the young men we are presently training - did a small message for the guys. Then Des preached the word and once again we saw signs and wonders follow the preaching of God’s word!

There were quite a few inmates that were healed of bad eye sight, ear problems and pain from T.B in their kidneys that day.

While there inside the prison, LEI Trust had the privilege of being able to donate and freely hand out to the inmates an incredible 2000 booklets in various languages.

We believe that many lives will be touched and changed due to the provision of these vital booklets. They show via scripture where we came from, who is God, how to get saved and how to be closer to God!


One man excitedly got up at our meeting after being prayed for and said that he could now see properly. He got out his bible and began to read from it in front of all the inmates. He said that before he couldn’t see any words, he could only see stars in front of his eyes – but now he can see and read the word of God again properly! He was smiling from ear to ear he was so happy!


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