Revival in Soshenguve – South Africa

Dr Des Sinclair and his wife Roslynn went up to minister to a church in the big Soshenguve Township in the beginning of August. The Holy Spirit was moving among the people very strongly as Des was preaching.

In the middle of Des’s message, this crippled man came pulling his way into the church and right up the front of the pulpit by wheeling himself in on a little bit of wood with wheels.He had been crippled since birth.

Des seeing this man come in and come right up the front starring at him, then stopped his sermon and prayed for him, “ in the name of Jesus Christ, be healed ..… stand and walk”, and then carried on in his message.

After Des prayed, there came a strange sudden rush of wind that blew strongly inside the church for a few minutes while this man stayed up the front continuing to stare, just stare. Then all of a sudden the crippled man suddenly stood up from his trolley, straightened out his legs and with much excitement and hysteria he shouted to everyone in the church that he had seen and been touched by Jesus. He then literally RAN outside the church building and into the street shouting at the top of his lungs that Jesus had healed him!!

Des shouted to him – “come back” as he was running out of the church onto the street……..but the man was gone! (In this area of the township it is extremely highly populated, and the people in this area knew this man very well).

This ex-crippled man then ran from door to door to door in the neighborhood telling everyone how Jesus had touched him, that he was now healed and that Jesus was NOW in the church.

A MASS of people came running from all directions, running out of their homes etc and gathered outside the church pushing their way to get in, asking for both healing, and what must they do to get right with God??

As all the church members experienced the power of God and felt his mighty presence that day, they too then went into mass weeping, praising, worshiping and also falling down on their faces, getting right with God and thus experienced what is called…. true REVIVAL!!

Up to 2 thousand people were saved that day!


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