Sounds Of Thunder

LIFE EVANGELISM INTERNATIONAL headed off to the men’s maximum security prison in Johannesburg and had another outreach with all the inmates that were 'still awaiting trial'. It was the last trip in to the prison we could make this year, as the prison is closed to outsiders over the Christmas period. (as inmates get very restless and frustrated over this time not being able to spend it with their families – which then makes them more dangerous). In the section we went into, there were still 1500 men awaiting trial, and 6000 total in that part of the prison alone.

The head warden was very worried about us coming so close to Christmas and repeatedly told us that these men are very dangerous and many still carry make-shift weapons with them.

He was so worried about our safety that he himself even came and stayed over the time that Des was preaching as an extra security.

However - The inmates were all very happy to see us, and really enjoyed the word that Des preached. In fact at one point they were all getting so excited with the word that they all started to get up and had to sing a song and dance before settling back down to continue on with the word. They were all very hungry for the word and were spiritually open and soaking up every word that was said. There were at least 100 inmates that were with our team that day, of which ALL put their hand up to receive Jesus as their lord and invite him into their lives, and admitted they had done wrong.

They all stood up and prayed the sinner’s prayer…(which was so loud in unison - it sounded just like thunder.) We then proceeded to pray for those among them that were sick.


As one of the inmates came forward for prayer, one of the wardens close by told Des that this inmate was completely deaf in both ears. The top warden was still there as we prayed for the sick inmates and testified that this was a true fact as the prison hospital had done tests on him.

Des prayed for him in front of all the other inmates, and to the glory of God - the man received his hearing in both ears. All the inmates were really excited by this time and amazed with God.

We distributed 1000 booklets in 4 various languages into the prison this month after our meeting with the inmates titled “The way to God” by EHCSA.

(Many thanks to 'Every Home for Christ' for their faithful involvement in to our ministry)

Please remember to pray for these men behind bars over the Christmas period, as they too are now part of the kingdom of God.

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