Paralyzed Stroke Victim Healed

While we were last at the men’s maximum security prison in Johannesburg, we went after the meeting up to the prison hospital to pray for all those that were sick and dieing from HIV/AIDS, T.B and other illnesses.

One inmate was there sitting on the edge of his bed when we arrived there with a wheelchair close right beside him. He previously had a stroke, and was very weak and still completely paralyzed on one whole side of his body, couldn’t move his hands, arm or leg on that one side.

Des and the team proceeded to pray for him. After the prayer Des asked him to start moving his fingers around…….the man’s fingers suddenly moved. Des asked him to open out his hand straight…..and he did so! Des then asked him to shake his hand with the hand that was previously paralyzed. The guy’s hand then opened up, and he strongly managed to shake Des’s hand….while constantly smiling!

Then Des said to him: “in the name of Jesus Christ…….stand and walk”

The man instantly stood up and slowly walked across the hospital floor with no help from any person, and with all eyes of the other inmates watching him.

- It was truly a miracle of GOD!

His leg muscles were still quite weak, so after he walked around the hospital floor a few times Des got him to sit back down on his bed. Des told him through interpreters that he needed to keep exercising his legs in order for them to keep getting stronger. The man cried with many tears streaming down his face!!

All other inmates were also excited, as they knew that God was in their presence and had heard their prayers! Many of them gave their heart to the Lord and received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior into their hearts that day.


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