Suffer the little children

We had the opportunity of ministering in a “squatter camp” (about 20 Km away from where we were living at the time). It was really great, as MANY came up with sickness of one sort & another, and we saw many healed that day. God showed himself to the people in a way that they had not seen before. Even all the children were sitting on the ground listening to the word of GOD, and very hungry to hear.

There was about 80/90 people there in the beginning, all sitting outside. As the service went on, more & more arrived! HEAPS in the end! They just kept coming and coming.

There was no church building, no covering, hardly no seats, no toilets, no Sunday- school room, no anything…….just the people……. but they came!!! We used a big drum barrel as the pulpit!

After the preaching of the word, there were many that came up for healing Deliverance, and to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Des & the local Pastor prayed down one end of the long line – and a lady named Marit Sutton and I prayed down the other end. God moved very powerfully!!. There were MANY ladies that came up with poor vision, short-sightedness, or cataracts over their eyes. ALL were healed in the name of Jesus. Praise be to his name!!!

There was one little girl that had her arm twisted, and out of kilter… GOD delivered her from her infirmity.

There was one little boy that was about 3-4 years old that was watching us pray for people….. he wanted me to pray for him too. How he showed me that he wanted prayer... was that he stood directly in front of me, looked straight into my eyes – then shut his eyes, put both his hands up in the air, and bowed his head and waited for my prayer over him! He didn’t open his eyes until I had finished praying for him. It was very special as he was so young, and yet he too…………….…..wanted that “one touch” from Jesus!

As I first looked at him, I was reminded of the scripture when Jesus said: “suffer all the children that they may come unto me, and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven!’

When the mothers all saw that I prayed for this child and did not turn him aside……it was then a bit like an exodus as they all wanted their children up there to be prayed over, and blessings of God prayed upon them.

What made the “icing on the cake” of this meeting was this...

As we had our meeting as time went on over the hours, a thunder storm began to start to roll in and finally over us.

We all got totally soaked………..but the remarkable thing was that not many of the people were deterred , but rather they wanted to stay and wait in line for their miracle of God, rather than go away and be under shelter from the storm. {understand that as a whole…..Africans HATE storms, and some are very fearful of them, they hate the rain also}.

So the fact that they were prepared to wait in line for their miracle (while getting soaked) was really amazing! Church that day didn’t finish, until we had prayed for every person that had come up for prayer in that huge line!!

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