Lephalali Tent Crusade

We had a very good time as we traveled up to Lephalali (in SA, but on the boarder of Botswana). We held a tent crusade there for a week in a small village approx 60km away from Lephalali, in the village of Shongoane.

The chief of this village told us that we were the first people EVER in their history to come and share about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Until we came, the village people had NO ONE come and tell them about Jesus. A few of them knew that Jesus meant 'Church' and was the white man's God, and that was all they knew!

The chief of the village came to every one of our meetings and eagerly sat right up the front for all to see that he was there.On the 2nd night, he came forward to the alter of God and received salvation for the first time. Praise the Lord!

The next night he came to the meeting with much thrill and excitement and wanted to share news with his people there. He shared with all the villagers in the tent his testimony of how in the past 20 years he had not been able to sleep very well as he had a leg deformity and many body problems and pain. He said that he had been to many witchdoctors, normal Doctors and everyone he could to take away the pain – but it wouldn’t leave!

That night when he asked Jesus into his heart, the curse over his body was gone and he shared how he slept like a baby with all pain now gone for the 1st time in 20 years! The chief also said that “we need to follow Jesus, the whole village; we need to follow and learn more about this Jesus.>p>


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