Witbank Township Crusade

LIFE EVANGELISM INTERNATIONAL went across to Witbank in South Africa for an outdoor gospel crusade. WOW - We really had the odds against us this time, as when we took our crusade truck, generator and bakkie across to Witbank on the previous Friday afternoon with our whole team, we did so in the midst of heavy torrential rain that decided to come very early in the wet season. Even so – our team had much faith and did not give up, but instead prayed vigorously each day. By Wednesday, we thought we could take a chance and put up all the speakers etc and give it a try as the sun came out for a day………

…….little did we know what was coming!!!

Later that afternoon when everything was finally set up, a sudden wind started to blow from the south that was VERY cold and strong. There was also a lot of lightning that started coming across our pathway very quickly, and even though the strong wind was blowing – the Lightning would not stop over us. We carried on with our crusade in the midst of this, having faith - but that wind just kept getting stronger and colder. Some of our crusade guys fled to the truck to try and keep warm, while others found a large plastic covering and tried to get away from the chill of the wind by hiding behind that.

About half way (2 hours) through the meeting unfortunately we all decided to call it quits – as it was not fair on the people having to sit there outside in the midst of this crazy storm in such cold & out of seasonal weather. (Even all the Pastors were running off to their cars to put on their heaters to try and stay warm while the meeting was still on.)

So we ended up closing the meeting very early and then proceeded to take all our stuff down again. Bbbbrrrrrrr……… And then - Just after we finished closing the meeting – sleet started falling – almost snow, and yet we are meant to be going into summer here in South Africa. It was literally freezing!

Our guys were totally all like frozen ice cubes by the time we finally got home. It was certainly one 'crazy' crusade – unfortunately it was just one of those things that couldn't be controlled!

Hopefully things will work out better for everyone next year if we come back to Witbank area.I really salute our guys for their perseverance and hard work, also for our sound guy, who for the whole evening was up high on that freezing sound tower monitoring the sound, without moaning about his circumstances once!

Looking past our circumstances in the natural – we still had a great time together with all new team members, and still praised the Lord for what he did anyway - we always have a great time at crusades - never do they turn out the same as before!

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