Woman walking after 12 years in wheelchair

Des and Roslynn Sinclair and their team were ministering in a A.F.M. church out in the township of Sosheguve, praying for many people.

12 years year’s ago this woman was in a motor accident, and was now confined to a wheelchair as she could no longer stand or walk. Her back was broken, several vertebras were crushed, & one of her hips was also crushed. She was in agonizing constant pain and if she moved in the slightest – the pain was extremely intense.

For 12 Years she was confined to this wheelchair - in constant pain!

Des, Ros and their interpreter prayed for this woman and the holy Spirit came upon her.

After praying for her, she claimed that all her pain was now GONE. She could move her legs freely - so we left her to do exercises for 10 minutes with her legs, while we went and prayed with other people that had come up for prayer.

When we came back to her……..We prayed again, and so she then got the courage to stand up ( with a little bit of help). We then got her wheelchair and put it in front of her, and she walked forward by herself holding onto it.

She walked from one end of the church right down to the other end.

Praise the Lord!

She is now having regular exercises to get back the strength of her muscles in her arms and legs.


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